Day 2: 36.1 (16.1 for the day)

Woke up to a layer of thick fog and the sound of hikers packing up 6:25am. There was a lot of dew on my rain fly, I figured it would add some weight, but I could stop as some point while I made breakfast on the trail and dry it out. Little did I realize, it felt like I was carrying the 6 liters from yesterday when really it was only 3. 

Was on the trail by 8:00am.  Around mile 1.5 I stopped to make breakfast and dry out my rain fly. Honestly I think it reduced my pack weight by 3 pounds. 

The trail here was very easy and I enjoyed the cool morning temperature. Refilled my water just before going up the long incline which lasted the rest of the day. 

Around noon it was getting really warm and a lot of hikers were sitting in the shade saying, "I'm going to relax for a few hours till it cools off a bit." I wanted to reach a larger creek called Yellow Rose Spring. I didn't see any yellow roses.  Ate lunch in a camp site next to the creek around 1:45. It was really hot if your weren't in some shade. For lunch I made my Spegetti with dehydrated chicken. It was pretty good. I used my Mountain House package from this mornings breakfast to let it cook. 20 minutes later it was ready to eat. 

Relaxed at the campsite and loaded up on water until around 4:00. From there it was up hill until the stopping point for the day at mile 36.1. There was a large oak tree which was the identifier for campsite which held 4 tents fairly comfortably. 

  Met and chatted with Carly, Jen and Will. All four of us are solo hikers which was cool. Carly and Jen had spent most of the day together. Will is legally blind, meaning in order to read anything on his phone he has to have the phone butted up against a magnifine glass which is then like half an inch from his eye.  Got cleaned up with some wet wipes and crashed around 8:30.