Day 1: Campo to Lake Morena; 20.0 (20.0)

Didn't have the greatest nights rest. There were easily 25 people staying at Scout and Frodo's. To accommodate all the hikers, they setup 3 large tents which could hold 6-8 hikers each.         

In my tent, there were at least 3 snorers which made it hard to fall asleep. I eventually and hesitantly put in earplugs. Hesitant because I did not want to miss my 5am alarm.  The morning schedule was nice. Wake up at 5, pack up. Breakfast at 5:30. Loading in the vehicles 5:55. Depart at 6. 


 We arrived at the trailhead shortly after 7:00 which then everyone waited their turn for a photo at the southern terminus. We also took a group photo, which I think will be emailed to me at some point. 




After the photos and the goodbyes (to the trail angels) where complete, I walked down around a barbed wire fence to touch the Mexico boarder. From there the walk north began. 7:34am

   I hiked with various people throughout the day, learning who is who and whatnot. I spent the majority of the afternoon by myself as everyone's pace is slightly different and as the day goes along, some hikers slow down.   It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed all of it. But man was my pack heavy. 6 liters of water which had to last me through mile 20, lake Morena. 

         I stopped for lunch around 2:30, mile 15.4. I relaxed and let my feet rest while my food digested a bit.  

   The trail in this part of California is much more lush than anticipated. The desert is ahead! The area I am hiking through received quite a bit of rain in the past week, which may be why it is so green. 

          I reached Lake Moreno around 5:45. I was going to stop short, but I felt good enough to make it to the campground, so onward I went. Nothing too exciting happened in camp except the shower... It was $1 for the shower (towel not included / not available). I was a little chilled from the sweat and the luke warm shower didn't really help. But after drying off (as much as I could with a little hand towel) I felt better. 

       There are 10 people in camp right now and they are all heading to bed. I don't plan on getting up super early tomorrow. Looking to go 10-15 miles.