Day 3 - Mt Laguna and More. 47.5 ( 11.1)

Windy all day. Very very windy for the last 4 miles of the day...The Sun started hitting my tent at 6:40, which was my cue to get up and start packing up. It was a pretty cold night. The campsite was at 5,500ft and the wind was gently blowing all night.Was on the trail around 7:50 which I was happy about. I figured I'd find a place to do my business and eat after getting my blood flowing.

Around 2 miles for the day I found an awesome spot to take care of some business. 

   About a mile later I stopped for lunch in an area that reminded me of the Colorado foothills. Lots of pine trees. Had a very large breakfast, almost 1,000 cal. I needed it.

     I relaxed a bit, updated this blog and filtered a couple liters of water. I haven't had cell service much on the trail, so I write it all out as I go with the Note app. I will copy, paste it, edit it and add pictures later. 

The next few miles flew by. My feet were feeling good despite having a hot spot on one and a small blister on the other, which I took care of the night before with the thread and needle trick. No picture... Was too cold. Note, this all becomes significant later in the day. 

Met a couple of guys on the trail who were handing out small snacks. They were promoting their brand and store. In fact they have a store in Boulder, CO. They seemed surprised I didn't know about it... I don't think they knew where Fort Collins was in relation to Boulder. 

Walked to Mt Laguna via a paved road. It felt a little odd to do so. Cool little mountain village. Decided to head to Mt. Laguna Sports and Supply with the plan of just seeing what they had. Stepped in the door to the coolest looking store I'd ever seen. So cool in fact I forgot to take a picture. It had gear from floor to ceiling with walk ways barely wide enough to fit sideways through. After I close my mouth from being awe struck, Matt asks if he can help me find anything and I couldn't help wanting something from there. So I ask if they carry Dirty Girls. They are gators designed to keep sand and rocks out of your shoes. After grabbing a pair, I walk through the store and see that they carry Altra's Lone Peak 2.5 shoes. Shortly I have a pair on my feet and I tell Matt I'm not taking them off. They are by far, the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Talk with Matt a bit more about gear (he's starting the trail in 3 weeks), then head up to the Mt. Laguna Lodge Store to pick up my resupply package. It doesn't have the same effect as the Gear store. As I refill my food I realize I have way too much. 

          Mail a package, with a whole bunch of stuff I'm done carrying home (4 pounds worth!). This includes some food. Found a faucet to fill up my water and do a little laundry. Met Ken and his wife Tatiana. They are from Washington DC. I end up meeting them later at the Mount Laguna Camp Ground about 5 miles down the trail. 

The next 5 miles are very windy. I have to walk with a major lean into the wind or it blows me off the trail. It's amazing how much drag comes from having pack on your back. Decide to stop at the Camp Ground because I'm cold, the next camp sites were 7 miles ahead in a canyon (which tend to be cold) and I already went 5 miles further than I planned for the day.  


   Relax for the evening and do a little laundry. Chat with Ken and Tatiana. As the sun goes down it gets cold, so we all head to our tents.