Day 9 - Snakes and Mike H.'s House. 131.6 (16.6)

Woke up to hikers packing up and walking by. I stayed in my sleeping bag for another half hour or so then started the packing up process. Trace, a gentleman that I met in Warner springs, and Alex, a name I've heard a few times on the trail, are also packing up.   Walked for roughly 5 miles then made breakfast. It consisted of some beef jerky, mangos and a granola/instant oatmeal mix. That is going into my backpacking list of good breakfasts. Just add cold water and it's like having morning cereal.

             The next 5 miles were not that exciting. I did see my second snake of the trail. A fairly large Gardener Snake.

     Stopped around 12:30 to wait out the heat and have some lunch. Normally I take one of the first shady spots I come to when I'm ready for a break. This time I didn't and it certainly paid off.

    [wpvideo GKUXkKPI] I got back on the trail when it started to cool off. Almost immediately I saw another 2 snakes. I have seen 4 total. No Rattlesnakes so far. In fact I believe only one hiker has (of those I've met). 

It was only a 2 miles walk before I reached Mike H.'s house. Three guys (Mike, Tom and Josh) live only a quarter mile off the trail and provides hikers with water, beer, soda, shade and pizza. They do encourage donations, which I gladly gave. 

                            Relaxed for a few hours at the house. Alex, Trace, Two Tone, Bottomless (formerly Eric), Little Thor, Anna, Alyssa, Riley and Toe touch (formerly Julie).

Right around 5:30pm I pack up, refill my water and head out. As I may have said before, this is my favorite time of day to be hiking.

Originally I was going to stop at mile 129.something which is at the top of the ridge in the saddle. There were a lot of good campsites, but it was windy and my legs were feeling good. So in headed down the hill to the next campsite 5 miles away. I was really hoping to find a solo sight up on the ledge, but it was all cliff, steep slope or lots of rocks and plants. I really enjoyed the night hike, I think it's a full moon. Arrived at the campsite around mile 134 and setup camp.

Note - the moon is so bright that it look like a floodlight is shining at my tent. 

Note 2 - First moscito bite... Right behind my ear.